Deal with biohazards quickly, professionally and effectively by calling the professionals


Biorecovery is a term most people are unfamiliar with. It refers to a range of disaster or emergency cleaning and recovery situations. Often these situations involve deeply unpleasant waste or sometimes even biohazards, which need to be dealt with quickly, professionally and effectively.

Our highly trained staff will carry out the difficult cleaning and sanitisation needed through a combination of our skill, experience and expert processes, returning your space to a useable condition once again.

Situations where effective and professional biorecovery can be vital include:

  • crime scene cleaning
  • vehicle sanitisation
  • trauma remediation
  • blood removal and cleansing
  • needle searches, collection and disposal
  • disposal of gross filth
  • grafitti removal
  • sewage remediation
  • natural death scene cleaning

If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter such unpleasant situations, you know you can count on Regency to restore order and recover your space quickly, efficiently and safely.

For advice and guidance on dealing with biorecovery situations, get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to advise.

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