Contract Cleaning in a Security-Conscious World

The modern world is a fast-moving place, and one of the fastest changing areas is security. World events have seen companies everywhere taking ever-tighter security precautions to ensure the safety of their staff.

We’re finding that more of our clients are introducing controlled access arrangements and are requesting more comprehensive staff vetting and disclosure before allowing contract staff onto their premises.

This more comprehensive approach to security and safety is something we support wholeheartedly. For many years now, we’ve ensured the vast majority of our staff hold disclosure certificates and are aware of client security arrangements wherever they work.

Office cleaning used to be an activity carried out after-hours, and while some clients still prefer this to ensure their operations are not interrupted, more clients are requesting their office cleaning is carried out within business hours to ensure that cleaning operatives are never alone on the premises, for the operatives’ own safety and the peace of mind of the client.

Simple changes have also made a big difference. All Regency staff are immediately identifiable by their Regency uniforms and ID tags and wherever possible, we deploy staff that are familiar to the client, and familiar with the client’s operations.

A large area of change in recent times has been around event cleaning. Regency has deployed staff to support major events in Ayrshire in recent years and part of the basic training and orientation inevitably takes in security issues. Our staff have had to become aware of what to look for in crowded spaces that may indicate a security or safety risk. For example, being aware of suspicious packages and strange behaviour, and following agreed security protocols for involving the emergency services.

Moving with the times and staying aware are things we know are vital to our own success, but we also acknowledge they’re vital in supporting the needs of our customers.

Choosing Your Next Commercial Cleaning Partner

If you read the title and thought ‘That’s just going to be a list of reasons to choose Regency. I’ll not bother reading it’, hopefully you’ll see that this isn’t actually an advert for our expert services. It’s a list of real-life considerations you should think about when choosing ANY commercial or contract cleaning partner.

Can they do the job?

One of the first things you need to consider is whether the company you’re talking to can actually take on the contract. There are two key factors to look at: staff levels and skills. If your requirement is modest, having the staff may be much less of an issue, but for larger office blocks and industrial premises, it’s crucial in ensuring an adequate level of service is achieved. The right number of people isn’t the whole story though. You need to have the right people with the right skills and experience. Talk to your prospective contract cleaning provider and ask them what other contracts they service and whether some of that experience will be brought to your contract. Remember, capacity and capability go hand-in-hand and your service provider should be able to perform all the tasks you need them to.

Do they take safety responsibilities seriously?

Health and safety is a big consideration in every industry nowadays. Almost every company has its own health and safety policy, and cleaning companies are no different. In fact, in some respects, it’s even more important when you consider that operatives are handling hazardous substances or working in all kinds of different environments where hazards exist. The actions of your cleaning company can also put your own staff and members of the public at risk, so don’t be shy about asking how they implement their own health and safety policy and about staff awareness in general.

Can they offer flexible services?

If your cleaning company can’t accommodate a schedule of cleaning that fits with your business operations, it makes sense to look somewhere else. Most competent commercial cleaning companies offer a flexible service as a baseline requirement, ensuring you get what you need when you need it. If the cleaners are offering cleaning schedules that get in the way of your business, then maybe it’s time to remind them that you’re the customer, or look elsewhere for your service.

Are they available 24/7?

We’re not suggesting that you have your contract cleaners on permanent standby, but it’s reassuring to know that if you have an issue like vandalism or a flood, you can call your cleaning partner and have it taken care of at any time of the day or night, so your business’ operations don’t miss a beat. Even if your cleaning company do provide 24/7 call-out coverage, look for additional costs hidden in the small print. Costs for emergency call-outs should be well-known in advance, so make sure they’re stated in your contract.