Target Zero Waste: We’re Doing Our Bit

In June 2010, the Scottish Government announced an ambitious zero waste strategy in a bid to radically lower the waste produced by businesses and households in Scotland.

The strategy aims to reach some challenging targets by 2025, including:
– recycling 70% of all waste
– ensuring a maximum 5% of all waste is sent to landfill.

Here at Regency, we’ve been doing our bit for many years, through our own responsible approaches to disposal of waste and the segregation of differing waste types to allow efficient recycling. While most local authoities have applied waste segregation to household waste only in recent years, we’ve seen the requirement for this in commercial waste handling for many years and have built good working relationships with local charitable organisations and recycling specialists to ensure that we have a route to reduce, reuse and recycle as we are all encouraged to do.

You may have read our page on house clearances. This is a good example of where our waste reduction approach comes to the fore. When we’re asked to clear a property, irrespective of the type of property, we do so with a view to minimising the amount of waste that results. If we are disposing of furniture for example, we take the time to assess each piece and understand if it can still be used, and whether someone else might benefit from it.

Reusing items is a big factor in reducing waste and just because one person no longer has a use for items, it doesn’t mean the item is of no use. Even though recycling is a popular route, reusing avoids the need to handle the items as waste, and place them in the energy-hungry recycling chain in the first place.

That’s where our relationships with third sector organisations come in useful. There are always people who can use furniture for example, if we can only get it to them.

We’ve also noticed that the cost of disposing of waste is rising. As a commercially-licenced waste carrier, we know that disposing of large amounts of waste is an expensive business and so the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra is taken seriously by all our staff. It makes great business sense, as well as environmental sense.

Are you doing your bit to reduce waste and meet the zero waste targets?

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