Body Fluids and Health Hazards – What You Need to Know

Cleaning body fluids is a hazardous activity, but a necessary one. Body fluids can present a range of hazards that need to be considered when you encounter them, and these hazards dictate the processes we use and the precautions we need to take.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a number of biorecovery jobs that have involved cleaning up a range of body fluids and performing needle sweeps to ensure properties are safe to both clean and occupy.

The most common body fluids we encounter are blood, faeces, urine, saliva and vomit. All of these are deeply unpleasant for our operators but we always remain professional and handle each situation carefully and methodically. Each of these body fluids and secretions has the potential to harm people and animals either through the spread of infection or exposure to bacteria, and so they need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently, with thorough decontamination taking place.

You need to be aware, even before you call a specialist like Regency, that body fluids pose a significant health hazard. Blood is still the single-most frequent source of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and viruses like HIV and Hepatitis-C. If you have a blood spillage, take care not allow anyone to come into contact with the blood and seek specialist advice immediately. Equally, if you believe there is a risk of encountering used hypodermic needles, you should be aware that these pose the same risk, since they can be contaminated with bloodborne pathogens, and require professional disposal. If you encounter needles, clear the area and control access by people and animals as far as possible, before calling for professional help.

Needle sweeping is a particular skill, with specific processes and approaches employed to keep staff and members of the public safe, and avoid needlestick injuries that can lead to infection.

You might think that other body fluids don’t pose as much of a hazard as blood, but you would be wrong. Faeces, urine, saliva and vomit all carry a risk of exposure to bacteria that could result in serious illness, as well as the transmission of virus and disease.

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