Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Taking it Seriously

As a commercial contract cleaning company, we carry out all manner of cleaning activities which involve the use of substances quite a bit stronger than elbow grease to ensure a professional finish. Things like carpet cleaning, fire and flood recovery, sanitisation, and biorecovery operations all require us to use various chemicals and we’ve spent time making sure that the chemicals and products we use are environmentally friendly and are not allowed to pollute through irresponsible handling or disposal.

We are committed to protecting the environment we live and operate in, and not only does this form part of our core values and principles, but we think it makes sound business practice. Caring for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business. Increasingly our customers want to know that their cleaning requirements do not have an adverse environmental impact and we help ensure that cleaning operations for each client meet their expectation.

One of the aspects of cleaning and janitorial supplies that contributes to the environmental impact is packaging. Not only do we ensure that the product itself is environmentally responsible and is handled in a responsible way, but we also actively consider the amount of packaging and waste that results from the use of consumables like paper towels, soaps and cleaning fluids.

An important factor in ensuring we control our environmental impact is staff awareness. We make sure that all staff are trained and capable, and are keeping a close eye on waste produced as well as on responsible disposal of all cleaning fluids and waste water. Our cleaning processes make sure that when we tightly control how we dispose of certain waste, our staff know exactly what responsible methods to use.

In a previous post (Choosing Your Next Commercial Cleaning Partner) we looked at a few considerations for selecting your next commercial cleaning partner, and environmentally friendly operations is fast becoming a factor that most clients will now openly express a desire to know about. That’s why we feel it makes not only environmental sense to take our responsibilities as seriously as we do, but it also makes good business sense.

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